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Kables R Us Corp. was founded in 2005 by Angel L. Garcia, an Electric Engineer who saw the need to build a locally based electronic manufacturing company that provides both quality products an affordable pricing. Since it's humble beginnings in the garage of his home, Kables R Us Corp. has grown to become a great source for cable manufacturing. Today, Kables R Us Corp. continues its mission to provide customers with turnkey custom cable, wire harness and mechanical assembly services. We pride ourselves in exceptional delivery time, customer service, competitive pricing, and excellent service.

Computer Circuit Board
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We offer a comprehensive range of cable and wire harness product capabilities including cut and stripped wire, complex wire harnesses, ribbon cable assemblies and coaxial cable assemblies.


Military cable assemblies and wiring harnesses can be manufactured to mil standards.  These cables may consist of multi-leg, digital data bus, flat ribbon, RF coaxial,  or power cables.  We can also integrate custom military cable assemblies and wiring harnesses into enclosures, boxes or chassis.   


Fully trained and experienced personnel perform all soldering.  Bring us your concepts or design ideas and we will work to assemble it quickly and affordably without compromise to quality.  Each assembly is fully tested for our customers on both their existing or new assembly designs.


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